You already know the stats!
Teaching is hard work and can impact other aspects of your life, including intimate and family relationships. 41% of school workers report high levels of occupational stress and more than a third of principals believe work affects their ability to maintain ongoing relationships. A large body of research supports the spill-over hypothesis which states that our personal experiences are often transferred to professional domains, and vice-versa.
While teachers are trained to help, nurture, and develop others, this presentation invites all delegates to put YOU and your relationships back on the map. Jam packed with evidence-based strategies known to strengthen intimate relationships, Sabina will share which key factors make relationships thrive, and highlight which one behaviour can best predict divorce. You’ll leave this session equipped with a practical road map on how to strengthen your relationship and how to navigate inevitable differences that exist between all couples. And if you’re looking for love or are happily single, you’ll learn skills to live more harmoniously with each other, leaving more juice in your tank to teach with the passion and gusto that had you sign up to teach in the first place.

About Sabina
Sabina is a psychologist, media commentator, speaker and facilitator who works with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and organisations on a range of issues including relationships, life transitions, well-being, and mental health challenges across the lifespan.
Sabine is the Resident Psychologist on The Morning Show on Channel 7, and on Afternoons at Radio 3AW in Melbourne. Sabina is also a Consultant Psychologist with Transitioning Well and Corporate Health Management, and Board Member and Ambassador for the Family Peace Foundation, a not for profit that aims to strengthen families. Sabina is passionate about normalising the universality of the human experience, believing that we all have more in common than we often realise. She navigates the swings and roundabouts of life with her husband, two teenage daughters, two rescue dogs, and regular hits of dark peppermint chocolate (or it's lowly milk cousin if that's all there is available!)