Geelong Grammar School (GGS) has been implementing and sustaining Positive Education for the past ten years.  It has been a fascinating journey that has provided many lessons to the team of educators dedicated to pioneering this whole-school approach to wellbeing.

Justin Robinson was a Head of House at GGS back in 2008 when the staff and students were first introduced to the key tenets of positive psychology.  Since this time, Justin has held the role of the Head of the Positive Education department for four years and has been the founding Director of the Institute of Positive Education for the past four years.  These roles have enabled Justin to have significant personal experience in implementing wellbeing initiatives, supporting whole-school change, and assisting hundreds of schools around Australia and internationally to place wellbeing at the heart of education.

In his keynote, Justin will draw upon his insights from the successes and mistakes of the past ten years of Positive Education and share 10 Hopeful thoughts for the field of Positive Education as it looks forward to its next ten years. Delegates will be able to take away key ideas that will assist their school with their ongoing commitment to student and staff wellbeing.

About Justin

Justin Robinson, M.Ed. MACE, is the inaugural Director of the Institute of Positive Education, based at Geelong Grammar School. He leads a team dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Positive Education through research and providing training for other educators. As a passionate leader in the field of student and staff wellbeing, Justin has been invited to write for a number of publications and speak at conferences both in Australia and around the world. His appointment at the Institute follows a successful career as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher and school leader at both Geelong Grammar School and Trinity Grammar School. An enthusiastic sportsman, Justin has coached many school sporting teams and is a keen marathon runner. Justin is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, and was listed in The Educator’s 2017 Hot List.  He lives with his wife Jeanette and their four children on the Corio campus of Geelong Grammar School.

About the Institute of Positive Education


In 2014, Geelong Grammar School became the first school in the world to open an on-campus research, training and development institute dedicated to Positive Education; The Institute of Positive Education. In the four years since its launch, the Institute has grown to a team of 16 and has delivered more than 200 training courses to educators around Australia and internationally. The Institute’s training is designed to empower educators by introducing the principles of Positive Education and assist schools to implement Positive Education in their unique settings.  More than 10,000 teachers, representing more than 1,000 schools from around the world have attended the Institute’s training courses.  As the participants of these courses return to their schools, the benefits of Positive Education have been experienced by well over 250,000 students.