The youth mental health and wellbeing landscape is both expanding and changing. Since Helen and Neil created the Positive Schools Initiative in 2008,  ‘supporting wellbeing in schools’ has become the new ‘normal’ for education. Teachers across Australia are talking about mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, and character strengths. Classrooms and whole school communities are embracing social emotional learning and positive education for the masses. Yet, despite all of this positivity, young people are struggling more than ever before. What’s more, research tells us that many school based wellbeing programs are not making the difference that we thought they would.
Why is this? And what can we do about it?
In this change inspiring presentation, and workshop, we take a new look at the future of wellbeing in schools.  Helen suggests that if we want to make a significant impact on youth wellbeing, and indeed on youth motivation and engagement with learning; we need to turn our attention to context and culture.  We have spent ten years supporting youth wellbeing from the outside in; it is time we took action from the inside out.

About Helen
Dr Helen Street founded the Positive Schools movement in 2008 with Neil Porter. Over the past ten years, the Positive Schools Conferences and The Positive Times have grown from strength to strength. As such, Helen is viewed as a visionary leader in the support of youth wellbeing, motivation, and engagement in learning.  The incredible success of Positive Schools is a satisfying reflection of her passion to establish a more supportive and equitable approach to education across the developed world. 
Helen is an education consultant with a background in social psychology and mental health.  When not at the helm of Positive Schools, she presents her research and ideas in schools, colleges and at educational events on a global stage. Helen is an honorary fellow at The University of Western Australia and a research consultant for the WA Healthy Department’s Centre for Clinical Interventions. She also writes regularly for educational magazines and has authored three books on mental health and wellbeing in addition to many academic chapters and papers.
Contact Helen via Positive Schools or at The University of Western Australia on helen.street@uwa.edu.au