This workshop will allow delegates to explore the why, what and how of Positive Education Curriculum. It is ideal for delegates who are seeking to create, adapt or adopt Positive Education curriculum for their particular context.

Delegates will hear about the process involved in creating an explicit Positive Education curriculum, based on the 10-year journey of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School. They will explore a variety of elements that need to be considered when designing and implementing Positive Education curriculum, taking away key ideas and practical suggestions that will support the wellbeing of their students.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to analyse and deconstruct the process involved in creating explicit primary Positive Education lessons. They will be given a lesson analysis tool that can be used as part of a curriculum auditing process, as well as a primary lesson plan from Geelong Grammar’s new explicit Positive Education Curriculum.


About Aimee

Aimee Bloom, BA, BTeach, MEd, is a curriculum writer at the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School. Aimee is responsible for helping to craft the school’s explicit Positive Education curriculum from ELC – 12.  An experienced teacher and writer, Aimee has taught in both primary and secondary contexts, and has written content for a variety of government and non-government agencies. She is the co-author and editor of the Institute’s 'Mindful Moments' book. Aimee is passionate about supporting teachers and ensuring the wellbeing of children, both in our schools and around the globe.  Aimee has been a teacher mentor through the AIS NSW Professional Exchange and Mentoring Program and enjoys teaching and supporting others with regard to positive pedagogy.  Aimee spends her leisure time at the gym, where she applies her belief in growth mindsets, grit and persistence. Aimee also spends time hiking, showing an appreciation of beauty and excellence through her interest in photography.

About Tara


Tara Clark, BA, BTeach (Primary and Secondary), Dip Mgt, is a curriculum writer at the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School. She commenced Positive Education Training in 2009, and is passionate about supporting schools in developing and implementing Positive Education programmes. Tara has been a teacher, Assistant Head of House and Curriculum Coordinator at Geelong Grammar School. She has also been a writer and trainer with the Institute of Positive Education, and trained delegates nationally and internationally in this field. Tara lives on King Island, Tasmania with her husband, Adam, and two children on their beef cattle farm.

About the Institute of Positive Education


In 2014, Geelong Grammar School became the first school in the world to open an on-campus research, training and development institute dedicated to Positive Education; The Institute of Positive Education. In the four years since its launch, the Institute has grown to a team of 16 and has delivered more than 200 training courses to educators around Australia and internationally. The Institute’s training is designed to empower educators by introducing the principles of Positive Education and assist schools to implement Positive Education in their unique settings.  More than 10,000 teachers, representing more than 1,000 schools from around the world have attended the Institute’s training courses.  As the participants of these courses return to their schools, the benefits of Positive Education have been experienced by well over 250,000 students.