Creating an awesome school culture!
Dr Michael Stewart (QLD)
There is a growing body of research about the importance of cultivating a positive school culture as this influences all happenings in a school.  Culture impacts upon an individual’s behaviour, expectations and interactions with others. It follows that cultivating and sustaining a positive school culture should be one of the highest priorities for all school communities.  Creating an awesome culture encourages staff to thrive and as a result, performance dramatically improves.
The main purpose of this workshop is to give participants some practical principles and strategies to improve their workplace.  Ultimately, my goal is to have all staff looking forward to starting work and performing at their optimum.
This presentation aims to:
a)            Define what a positive culture is and why is it is important in a school setting.
b)            Establish the benefits of cultivating a positive culture within a classroom/school setting. 
c)            Examine the elements that influence the existing culture of a school.
d)            Explore the role of leadership in cultivating a positive culture.
e)            Explore the barriers and challenges when establishing a positive culture.
f)             Examine the various strategies that may be used to promote an awesome school culture.
g)            Celebrate what is already happening in our schools.

About Michael
Dr Michael Stewart is a school principal on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He recently completed his thesis, titled: Cultivating a Positive School Culture in a Secondary School Setting: The Principal’s Role. He also has a Master of Educational Administration and Master of Gifted Education. Michael is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and was awarded the inaugural Not for Profit Manager of the Year.  He is the founder of Principles of Positivity and has assisted schools and companies in creating positive workplaces, where people thrive and love coming to work. Michael has presented many workshops at various educational conferences and for large organisations including: Commonwealth Bank; FoodWorks; Mater Misericordiae Hospital; Queensland Police and CQ University.  He has a passion for improving teams and leadership performance.   Michael brings a great wealth of practical knowledge on how to move organisations forward, especially bringing out the best in individuals.