A hallmark of an effective evidence-based Positive Education program is the interpretation of wellbeing data to inform decision-making about the goals, objectives and measures of success for the efficacy of professional practice and learning educational programs. But, what does this look like in reality?  In this workshop participants will explore how data links with decisions on a wellbeing framework, lessons taught in the classroom, and how this can be supported in co-curricular programs. Using examples of objective and subjective group data collected from St Peter's College - Adelaide from 2011-2017 this workshop will focus on Positive Education strategy and programs for Years R-6 (n = 510).  Participants will have the opportunity to explore challenges, discuss a decision-making process, reflect on data and discussion program developments. The objective is to help workshop participants become critical readers of positive educational programs and consider how these link to existing school strategies.

About David

David Kolpak is Head of Junior Years – Wellbeing & Administration at St Peter’s College Adelaide. He is responsible for Student Wellbeing and overseeing the Positive Education programs from ELC – Year 6. In 2012, David participated in the University of Pennsylvania Positive Education Training Conference. In 2013 he attended the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress as a presenter and participant. David has co-created the scope and sequence of the four Positive Education programs taught in the Junior School and works with Teachers to create links with the Australian Curriculum. David has presented at four Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) Conferences – locally and nationally (in Adelaide and Sydney) and at the 4th Australian Wellbeing & Positive Psychology Conference in Melbourne. This year David presented at the National Boosting Mental Health and Wellbeing conference in Melbourne and is currently writing an iBook on each of the 6 Character Strength Virtues.

About St Peter’s College Adelaide

Our vision is to be a world-class school where all boys flourish.”
St Peter's College is an Anglican boys’ school located in Adelaide, South Australia. We are uncompromising in our commitment to be a world-class school at the forefront of boys’ education. At Saints, we provide rigorous and extensive academic and co-curricular programs, while always maintaining a focus on shaping the character of the boys and young men in our care.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional education that brings out the very best in every boy. We do this within an intellectually and spiritually rich environment that nurtures international-mindedness, intercultural understanding, respect and a commitment to social justice.

At Saints, developing a boy’s character is as important as fostering his intellect. Wellbeing is central to all that we do. We understand boys and the specific learning and emotional needs that they have. 
Our teachers are committed to providing the best care for each and every boy; care that focuses on developing their inherent strengths and talents, and providing an environment where they are safe to be themselves. We believe that teaching our boys the skill of resilience is essential in equipping them for the challenges of the future.

Our wellbeing strategy builds upon the traditional pastoral care model already applied within the School. We focus on teaching preventative mental health strategies throughout a boy’s time at Saints.