Life is a good teacher of resilience. But while lawn-mower and helicopter parents abound, and every person gets a trophy for participating, many young people are given few opportunities to practice moving forward successfully when things don't go their way. In this presentation, Luke will share some essential keys to building resilient young people. Through research and real-life examples, participants will look deeply into: how learning from mistakes makes us better; why we need to allow kids to take risks and mess up (especially in the little things); why not everyone should get a prize; how our understanding of neuroplasticity shapes our behaviour, which then shapes our brain; fostering growth mindsets in our schools (for staff and students); why praising all types of effort is not a magic pill; how slow and steady rarely wins the race; and how deliberate practice leads to continued improvement.
Through this process, educators will be equipped with some tools and strategies for implementing in their own school and classrooms, in order to help build resilient young people.
This promises to be a highly engaging, thought provoking, relevant, practical and fun workshop.

About Luke
Unleashing Personal Potential (UPP) founder, Luke McKenna is an educator and author who specialises in working with schools to build growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership for all students. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as a classroom teacher, middle leader and Assistant Principal. Drawing from the best currently available research, UPP has built a solid foundation around the science of cultivating student potential- particularly around the topics of growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership. 
Through Unleashing Personal Potential, Luke now works with educators and students across Australian Primary and Secondary schools from the Independent, Catholic and Public sectors. He holds degrees in Business and Education, a Masters of Educational Leadership, and a Professional Certificate in Positive Education. Luke’s work has been published in the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling, The Positive Times, Happy Schools, and he is also the author of "Thrive: Unlocking the truth about student performance".