This workshop explores one of the critical, and often overlooked, factors of Positive Education - “Positive Transitioning”. That is, how we can support youth through change - specifically; starting school, transitioning to high school and preparing students for a life after school.
In Australia, these transitions are likely to be more challenging for students from families who are financially disadvantaged, Indigenous, with disabilities, and culturally diverse, however all students can benefit from increasing their preparedness and skills for adjusting to change. “Readiness” for these transitions is found to be predictive not only of increased well-being, but for long-term academic and occupational achievement.
Within this interactive workshop you’ll get the opportunity to explore the general principles for promoting positive change and discuss specific resources for these transitions. A partnership between educators/institutions, parents and students is believed to be most effective when navigating these periods. With the relevant resources, together we can confidently and holistically support youth through their schooling years.
About Amba
Amba Brown is an Australian Positive Psychology author, and the writer of “Finding Your Path” books, a happiness series to support and inspire youth through their major life transitions; starting school, starting high school and finishing school.
Her work has been featured in Readers Digest, ABC National Radio, The Huff Post, and The Positive Psychology Blog, to name a few. She has also delivered her message on the TEDx Stage.
Amba holds a Psychological Science Degree with Honours majoring in Positive Psychology and is a member of The International Positive Psychology Association. Originally from Sydney, Amba has also lived in America and now resides in Singapore where she writes and works at the Australian High Commission.
Being the eldest of six siblings, Amba is passionate about alleviating youth anxieties. Her goal is to share these positive transitioning tools as far and wide as possible. More about Amba at findingyourpathbooks.com