Restorative Practice recognises that the ability to manage relationships is central to lifelong learning and success. The Socratic Method encourages self-reflection, creates the space to be heard and challenges negative behaviour in the context of its impact on others.  This process cultivates the capacity to build and maintain significant relationships.
Restorative Practice builds on the theory and practice of Restorative Justice and its key elements: shame, re-integration, explicit practice, fair process and Socratic engagement.
This session will engage and teach participants the basic elements of restorative practices and share how simple change to daily conversations and actions can have overwhelmingly positive results in schools:
•    Increasing safety through reductions in misbehaviour, violence and bullying.
•    Enhancing social and emotional learning for students, staff and parents.
•    Reducing student suspensions, exclusions and absenteeism.
•    Reducing teacher absenteeism.
•    Optimising instructional time, improving teaching and learning environments.
•    Repairing relationships and improving attitudes among students, staff and parents.
•    Empowering leaders to emerge through pedagogy, practice and proficiency.
Key to this workshop will be the focus on practical activities and strategies that can be implemented into daily work to provide consistency in proactively building school community and responding when things go wrong.
About Kerrie and Grace
Kerrie Sellen has been a leader in community services for over 25 years. She has built and lead two large not-for-profit youth services, both recognized for their strong staff culture and high levels of client and family engagement and outcomes.
Grace Moncrieff has been a practicing youth worker for 15 years, with experience in youth justice, mental health, alternative education, and drug and alcohol addictions. In leadership roles, Grace has supported staff to care for the most at risk and disadvantaged young people to improve their circumstances.
Kerrie and Grace are now working across Australia to implement Restorative Practices in a range of settings. Working with schools, companies, government departments and whole communities to improve relationships and focus on the right conversations.