Teachers in Western Australian (WA) schools are required to plan, teach, assess and report on students’ learning using the WA Curriculum and Assessment Outline. This outline

sets out the mandated curriculum and the guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and recognises the integrated relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.


This presentation by School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) showcases the links between SDERA’s Challenges and Choices (AOD) education resources, the WA Health and Physical Education (HPE) syllabus, and SDERA’s AOD assessment tasks published in late 2017. In addition, the presentation will investigate current thinking around pedagogical decision making, curriculum design and assessment approaches within diverse educational settings.


AOD assessment tasks, based on activities within the Challenges and Choices resources, will be unpacked and examples of how to modify activities and assessments to suit diverse student needs will be explored. The presentation will also emphasise that assessments should arise naturally from the intended learning of the curriculum and the chosen pedagogy.

This hands-on presentation will provide opportunity for participants to explore SDERA’s AOD assessment tasks and consider how they can be used within AOD related HPE lessons.