Over 30% of primary school students and 70% teenagers are sleep deprived. This is having significant consequences on many areas of their lives including behaviour, motivation, academic performance and importantly their mental health and resilience.
The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness, explain the causes of sleep deprivation as well as further explore the impact this is having on your students and their families.
Participants will look at out how to identify affected students and be empowered with the knowledge, practical strategies and tools to assist students and parents to make informed decisions regarding their sleep health. You will also be equipped with ideas for a whole-school approach to creating a “sleep smart school”
Since your personal wellbeing is also of vital importance we will start with a “personal sleep questionnaire” to look at your own sleep health and some practical strategies to support you. These insights will help you translate the workshop message into the school environment, as well as help start that importance conversation at home to support the wellbeing of you and your family.

About Lisa
Lisa is passionate about healthy sleep and The Sleep Connection to meet the growing need to educate students, teachers and parents in schools on the importance of sleep health.
Lisa collaborates with key Australian adolescent sleep specialists and psychologists from the Woolcock Medical Institute in Sydney which is world-renowned in the area of sleep research.
Lisa trained as registered nurse and has spent much of her career in business development, corporate and sleep health. She is married with two daughters of primary and secondary school age.
Lisa looks forward to sharing the “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance” message with you.