Educator wellbeing is the backbone of a great school culture and can be a significant contributor to a students’ experience and success at school.

Most teachers and school leaders become educators from a passion to make a difference in the lives of young people. Somewhere between the endless paper work, the challenging students, parents and co-workers and a system that can at times feel frustrating that passion can be dimed and be replaced with stress, overwhelm and frustration.

In this workshop we will be reigniting your passion, to reconnecting you with your purpose, your vision and to giving you some tools and strategies that you can take back to your school to support your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others in your team. Specifically, we will be exploring the research based Critical Alignment Model from Meta Dynamics™ which was designed in 2012 to enhance organisational cultures.

In this workshop you’ll gain an understanding of how to unit a whole team around a common vision and purpose, supporting them to develop the thinking, the structures, the actions and the team to achieve an outstanding school culture where, school leaders, teachers and students all thrive.


About Kristy

Kristy Ambrose began her teaching career in Kalgoorlie in 2004, it was there that she discovered that she had a passion for developing student and staff wellbeing.

In 2006 Kristy was nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award after taking leadership roles with in the school, especially in the area of developing student engagement, wellbeing and resilience. In 2014 Kristy embarked on studies with The Coaching Institute and focused on leadership and organizational coaching with the vision to bring cutting edge, dynamic and innovative coaching tools, models and methodologies into schools.

Kristy lead the creation of a positive psychology program and wrote the modules “Positive Education”, “Community, Connection and Contribution” and “Meta Dynamics™ – The Structure of Excellence”.

Kristy founded Disruptive Education and Training to provide coaching and training to educators and school leaders to improve wellbeing, resilience, problem solving and communication skills to ultimately create phenomenal school cultures where everyone thrives.