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Schools and colleges around the developed world have never tried to do so much to support the mental health and wellbeing of their students. Yet, current research tells us that nearly 25% of young people are experiencing distress across the developed world.  When it comes to the support of wellbeing, schools may be trying to get it right, but, even their best efforts are not working well.
Simply put, unhealthy educational context is creating problems that well-intentioned wellbeing icing simply can’t fix. Our schools and colleges are brimming with overloaded and struggling teachers, unhealthy physical spaces, and an over-riding emphasis on forced competition, outcomes and inequity. 
Dr Helen Street’s new book, Contextual Wellbeing, offers a concrete usable framework for building a healthy, equitable social context in every school and college. If we are to effectively support wellbeing and self-determination in young people we need to create school contexts that offer equitable education, support autonomy, intrinsic motivation, and a love of learning, and normalize trusting and compassionate relationships. 
It is time that we changed education from the inside out, so that young people thrive from the outside in.

‘Helen Street talks about some of the most important issues facing education today’ Sir Anthony Seldon, Co-founder Action for Happiness, UK

‘This could well be the book that starts a revolution in the way we think about schools…’ Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child & Adolescent Psychologist

‘…a must-read for every parent and educator...’ Tracey Spicer, Journalist



“Dr Helen Street is a trail-blazer in the development of wellbeing and social and emotional learning programs in education in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.  Her significant contributions to the field include publications which share innovative, creative perspectives and valuable strategies. The Positive Schools Conferences hosted by Helen and Neil Porter showcase outstanding educators and luminaries in many fields to inspire, challenge and support teachers.”
Janet Etty-Leal, Mindfulness Educator

E: Helen.Street at UWA.edu.au 
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