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An opportunity to support of student wellbeing and self-determination from the inside out.

Helen will involve delegates in an interactive, in-depth exploration of Contextual Wellbeing. Helen’s model of Contextual Wellbeing describes the four key dimensions of social context that shape student’s identity, attitudes, beliefs and behavior. There is little point in investing time and energy in a new wellbeing program or strategy unless, the messages of that program or strategy are reflected in the social context of the school; the people, the policies and practice, the social norms, and the physical spaces of school life.

Wellbeing programs and strategies support students from the outside in. Attention to Contextual Wellbeing ensures we are building students wellbeing and self-determination from the inside out.

This Positive Schools 2018 Pre-Conference workshop will run from 9:30 – 14:30 on the Wednesday preceding the main conference, in every state, at either the main conference venue, or adjacent to the venue.

QLD Wednesday May 16th
WA Wednesday May 23rd
VIC Wednesday May 30th
NSW Wednesday June 6th 

Arrive at 9:00am to register. Arrival tea and coffee, morning tea and lunch provided

Please register by going to the Positive Schools website. www.PositiveSchools.com.au



About Helen
Dr Helen Street founded the Positive Schools movement in 2008 with Neil Porter. Over the past ten years, the Positive Schools Conferences and The Positive Times have grown from strength to strength. As such, Helen is viewed as a visionary leader in the support of youth wellbeing, motivation, and engagement in learning.  The incredible success of Positive Schools is a satisfying reflection of her passion to establish a more supportive and equitable approach to education across the developed world. 
Helen is an education consultant with a background in social psychology and mental health.  When not at the helm of Positive Schools, she presents her research and ideas in schools, colleges and at educational events on a global stage. Helen is an honorary fellow at The University of Western Australia and a research consultant for the WA Healthy Department’s Centre for Clinical Interventions. She also writes regularly for educational magazines and has authored three books on mental health and wellbeing in addition to many academic chapters and papers.
Contact Helen via Positive Schools or at The University of Western Australia on helen.street@uwa.edu.au