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What People Are Saying About Positive Schools….


"A truly inspiring time! Engaging, awe-inspiring and incredibly educational."

Kelly Wybranowski    

Marsden State School

QLD Positive Schools delegate, 2104



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" I have had an engaging, informative & inspirational day at the Positive Schools conference!!" "I'm leaving with a number of goals, and in many respects, a new direction for where I’d like to see my role as Behaviour Support Teacher, head." Donna-Maree Cech Marsden State School


"A lot to reflect on and share, for professional debate, with teaching colleagues and parents." "Have been impressed with how much of this learning and provocation I can consider for and possibly transfer to an early childhood/kindergarten context."  Leanne Mitts Pope Road Kindergarten, Blackburn


"A very thought provoking and at times interactive experience." "Very engaging" Teena Elliott Eidsvold State School


"All sessions were informative." Trevor Guinane Emmaus College, Rockhampton

"An enriching, motivating and enjoyable experience!" Emma Starkey Sandgate District State High School

"Creative educaiton and technology work blended in very well." "I can see we can apply these tips into our class activities." Garry Molloy Woodridge State School


"Empowering presenters, gave us much to think about."  Elizabeth Garbacz Noosa District SHS


"Enjoyable and valuable." "I enjoyed all info shared on creativity." Bronwyn Tually Blue Hills College


"Enjoyed all topics." Mary O'Hara Morphett Vale East


"Enjoyed the sessions." "Great apps presented. Great takeaway" Michelle  Rundle  The Rockhamptom Grammar School


"Enjoyed the conference very much." Jackie Cox-Taylor Mitchelton State Special School

"Excellent conference. Speakers were diverse, current, practical." Dan  Mollard Emmaus College, Rockhampton


"Excellent speakers. A lot to think about." "Food was great. Location excellent." Jenny Khan Toowoomba State High School


"Extremely well-organised and flowed well." "The presenters all offered valuable feedback/advice I can take back to my role as a Year Coordinator and PDHPE teacher." Andrew Gillies St Patrick's College, Strathfield


"Feeling inspired." Erin  Casablanca St Paul's Bald Hills


"Friday sessions - fabulous, informative, challenging." "Rock and Water - Informative." "Ipad - good." "Mental Fitness - interesting." "John Marsden, Luka, Jeneneive - could listen to all day." Kerrie Ann Mansfield Warrigal Road Primary School


"Great conference, feel energised." "Great venue, friendly staff." Gwen  Hinds Aspley State School


"Great conference. Some great ideas presented." Sue Stewart West Moreton Anglican College


"Great messages - more about a change in mindset, a different way of looking at our young people and what supports their wellbeing and creativity choices." Rebecca  Connor Chapel Hill State School


"I feel so inspired, challenged, validated and naïve - all at the same time!" "The sequencing of the presentations was most effective - one built on the next and the next and the next, similar to what we try to achieve at school." Robyn Schobes Trinity Catholic College Lismore, NSW


"I feel very empowered throughout." "I loved the story of individual presenters." "I enjoyed the two days and look forward to making a difference." Jenni Gagen St Peters, Lutheran College


"I left the conference with my mind swimming with ideas and information that I am keen to share with my colleagues." Tim Hadfield Riverside Christian College


"I particularly enjoyed the keynote speakers in the main hall over the two days." "I have many ideas to reflect on and take into my classroom and share with my colleagues." Caledonia Yore Toowoomba State High School, Wilsonton Campus


"I'm buzzing with ideas to take back to my schools." Amanda Welch Mt Crossby State School/Rosewood SS


"In a position to begin to embrace changing/evolving modes of connecting with students, responding to their needs and encouraging creativity in its many forms." Penny Cooper Morayfield State School


"Incredibly inspiring." "Many entertaining and engaging speakers." "Great food! Great venue!" "Wonderful learning experience." Rachel  Dillon Positive Partnership - Autism Spectrum Australia


"Informative in a variety of different ways." "offered wonderful, practical ideas that could be relatively introduced in the classroom." Judy  Herman Narangba Valley State School


"Inspirational, uplifting, thought-provoking." "It has motivated me to get involved with Mindfullness and KidsMatter at our primary school," Janine  Begg Hilder Road State School


"Inspiring yet offer practical 'hands-on ideas" Helen Blades Ashgrove State Primary


"Interesting thoughts on technology - their implications and implementation." Jenny  Rossiter Mount St Bernard College


"Lots of ideas and strategies to take away and share.. Implement." "John Marsden, Tim Sharp, Charlie Scudamore, Luka Lesson - all very inspiring." Carl Klaasen MacGregor SHS


"Love the positive approach to issues face in a broken world." "Great venue.  Natalie Hislap-Esterheysen Heights College


"Opening speakers both days both engaging and thought provoking." "Extremely thought provoking regarding what we do, how we do, and why we do it!" Leanne Theodos Kimptom CCSE (?)


"Our school is seriously looking at the Positive Schools model." John  Chalvatlis Ipswich Grammar School


"Outstanding speakers. A wide range of information and ways to implement it into schools." "It has helped me to identify clearly what I want to focus on improving in my school and provided the tools to do this. I feel energised and determined" Lindy  Masters Toowoomba State High School, Wilsonton Campus


"Provided a range of issues (values educations, language use, etc) Ramon Azpiri Ryan Catholic College, Townsville


"Refreshing. Very useful. Invigorating. Inspiring." "I leave many PD's more stressed than when I arrived. NOT THIS TIME." Charmaine Wilson Ropeley State School


"Reinforced importnce of mental health and practice of positive education." Jane Carroll Eidsvold State School


"Rock and Water session was informing and practical." Sheree  Merritt Blue Hills College

"Session one was very optimistic, inspirational, envigorating. Wonderful presenters with creative engaging content." Therese  Barker Behaviour Support


"Short sharp presentations." Engaging presenters."  "Particularly interested in topic around Resilience and looking forward to exploring this." Vicki Matthew Nanango State School


"Stalls had relevant and beautiful resources." Evelyn Wakefield Morayfield State School


"Technology talks - very interesting, good to hear about useful apps." Michelle  McKersey Moreton Bay College


"The conference was thoroughly enjoyable and a very valuable use of time." "Several areas of focus: positivity, creativity and the incorporation of ICTs." "I will definitely recommend this conference to others." Mornay Harvey Riverside Christian College


"The Positive Schools conference has been the best conference I've attended as a teacher." "I also enjoyed Rev Richard Pengelley & Peter Thompson hosting the sessions/summarising the sessions." Kimie Geka Brisbane School of Distance Education


"The presenters were all incredibly professional, talented and progressive thinkers." Cassandra  Richardson Faith Lutheran College

"...exciting and really engaging." "Thought provoking." Jillian  Schulz Blackheath and Thornburgh College

"Truly inspiring time!" "Engaging, awe-inspiring and obviously educational." Kelly Wybranowski Marsden State School


"Up to date information about restructure of MIndMatters." "Using SenseAbility Kit." "Rock and Water Introduction."  Julie  Lister Murwillumbah High School


"Valuable and inspiring." "John Marsden, Tim Sharp, Jenevieve Change and Luka Lesson were my favoured presenters as they inspired creativity and positivity within myself to transfer back into the classroom." Jess Szabo Humpybong State School


"Very informative." Michael  Wellings Ipswich Grammar School


"very inspiring - great value." "All speakers provided their own wisdom and useful knowledge." Sara Tochreman Murrumba Regional Office Education


"Very interesting." Kevin Boorman Glenmore State High School


"Very valuable!" "Nice to go home with renewed enthusiasm." Peter MacGregor Tinaroo Environmental Education Centre


"We all want to return to our schools and make change immediately. Guest speakers not only suggested ways to do that, but reminded me that small everyday ways we speak and behave also can have an impact. Celebrating strenghts, giving students a voice, emb Katherine Street Edge Hill State School


"Well-organised and presented." Erin Stafford Ryan Catholic College, Townsville


"Wonderful, inspirational conference." "Excited and passionate to emerse myself in the field and move our schools towards a positive future." Jenna Mynott University of New England


First positive schools conference. "All presenters gave talks that I was able to gain knowledge and ideas that I can take back and use in my school and in my classroom and life." Bronwen  Hall Carinity Education Southside


Speakers were "very interesting, enlightening, informative. Inspiring!" "Many important useful ideas for the classroom have registered with me and I'll take back to my staff." "High level engagement."  Pella Comino Kingston CCSE and Eagleby Adult Learning Centre


"Breakout sessions worked  smoothley" "Loved learning about the technology, i.e., Google and iPads." Janita  Woods Millen Primary


"Engage, inspire - ignite, flourish, passion, create story." Leanne Prior Mount Barker Community College


"Feel very inspired to go back to school and deliver positive, creative and technology based learning." "Has changed my whole perspective on dealing with students - focusing on the positives." "Highlighted the importance fo learning through story telling. Jen Heal Jurien Bay District High School


"Great presenters - good range of background." Carolyn  Davies Broome SHS


"I thoroughly enjoyed it and found ti to be of great value." "It was great to spend the day talking and thinking about educational issues in such a positive way." Leanne Rogerson Subiaco Primary School


"I'm blown away - I've cried with tears of joy and reard, humility at the stories." "All speakers were outstanding." Anne  Becket Schools of isolated and distance education


"It was all fantastic." "I now need an hour or 2 to sit quietly and digest, and then plan - what to implement, when, how." Sue James Yule Brook College (CACH)


"It was good for me to learn about positive education as I didn’t know a lof before. Debbie McMahon Ranford Primary School


"John Marsden, Michael Carr-Gregg, Luka Lesson, Les Posen, Andrew Fiu.. All dynamic and compellling sessions." "Very enjoyable and of course relevant." Rebecca Carney Bridgetown High School


"Mental fitness in schools - great info new way of looking at positive mental health (very practical). Gina  Frost Mercedes College


"Really enjoyed the hands-on activities Jenevieve and Luka had us do." Hannah Piers Leeming SHS ESC


"Really enjoyed the two days, particularly information regarding materials to use. Great last session." Deanna  Scott STGS


"The technology and mental health - excellent." "Food - good." "The stalls - loved the bodhi books stall." Kyra McGuinness Rossmoyne SHS


The conference "highlights the importance of a 'positive educator', regardless of the circumstances that are faced on a regular basis." "I got a lot out of the 2 days." Holly Coombe Cannington Community ESC





Moving into it’s sixth sensational year, Positive Schools ‘Voices for Wellbeing’ supports wellbeing and mental health in all Australian primary and secondary schools and colleges. In 2014 we examine the relationships between MENTAL HEALTH, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY as powerful voices for building engagement, motivation, sustained wellbeing and flourishing school COMMUNITIES.





The ABC’s PETER THOMPSON hosts our Friday Master Classwhich showcases SEVEN keynote presentations in a mix of talks and onstage discussion.


On the Thursday of each event, FIVE ke ynote presentations begin with best selling author and acclaimed teacher JOHN MARSDEN followed by DAVID BENNETT talking about Nurturing RESILIENCY AND WELLBEING. TIM SHARP (aka Dr Happy) shows us how ‘BEING DIFFERENT’ is a vital component of happiness and Suan Yeo (head of GOOGLE Education in the Asia/Pacific region) celebrates A NEW AND OPEN WORLD FOR LEARNING. Positive education leader PAULA ROBINSON helps us build effective school COMMUNITIES. MICHAEL CARR-GREGG hosts an exclusive TECHNOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH PANEL featuring representatives from FACEBOOK and Google Education present a ‘GOOGLE CREATIVITY LAB’ You can attend an eSmart CYBER SAFETY program and an APPLE supported IPAD workshop for diverse learners. Learn HOW TO PRESENT effectively with LES POSEN, explore CREATIVITY with Geelong Grammar School and hear talks from our Positive Teachers of 2013. A wide range of other presentations include new advances by KIDSMATTER, MINDMATTERS, ROCK AND WATER, SENSIBILITY and a workshop on RESILIENCY by PROFESSORS TONI NOBLE and HELEN MCGRATH.  


NOTE – Workshop preferences will be collected PRIOR to the events.  Numbers WILL be limited at all four events (to prevent overcrowding).



Master Class Friday - Voices for Wellbeing with Peter Thompson

Friday will be divided into three sessions. In this first 90 minute session we explore relationships between CREATIVITY, MENTAL HEALTH AND CLASSROOM ENGAGEMENT. Award winning poet LUKA LESSON joins NIDA senior course manager JENEVIEVE CHANG and social psychologist HELEN STREET for individual presentations and shared discussion.

In session two we explore how TECHNOLOGY CAN SAFELY SUPPORT WELLBEING AND MENTAL HEALTH in our school communities.  Psychologist and parenting expert MICHAEL CARR-GREGG joins mental health and technology expert LES POSEN and award winning educator MARK SPARVELL from the Principal Australia Institute. We ask how we can protect young people against the dangers of technology while also embracing the value it can bring to academic, social and emotional learning.


 Inspirational author of Purple Heart, ANDREW FIU takes to the stage after lunch. Having survived a world record of six open heart surgeries, Andrew devotes his professional time to promoting the need to connect with students and to prioritize educational outcomes that fit with our changing world.  Andrew will address the question ‘HOW CAN TEACHERS ENGAGE THEIR STUDENTS AND INSPIRE THEM TO LEARN?’


Modern Education for Effective Wellbeing

Youth mental health and wellbeing needs to be addressed within an education system that embraces solution focused teaching, modern technology and an increased understanding of the need for students to develop creative expression and voices of their own. 


Numbers will be limited at each event to ensure that delegates are able to attend preferred workshops and enjoy Positive Schools in comfort and style. This means you will need to book early to secure a place.


We look forward to welcoming you in 2014.